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Glossary of Intellectual Property (English - Thai) Second Edition
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UK VALUATIONS AND AGENCY CO., LTD. started our business on July 14, 1988 under the name of A.G. Wilkinson Co., Ltd. as the Thailand branch office of A.G. Wilkinson & Associates having the head office in Hong Kong to provide the services of Tangible Fixed Assets and Intangible Fixed Assets (Intellectual Property) valuation; market feasibility study; and economic damages valuation throughout the Kingdom. And ever since the beginning of the year 1993, A.G. Wilkinson Co., Ltd. and A.G. Wilkinson & Associates had restructured the company and the former name changed to be UK VALUATIONS AND AGENCY CO., LTD. and still carry on the same types of business under the same business principle and philosophy with the original team work and management.
Our continuous development and firm background enable us to handle different types of valuation other than our specialized expertise: land, buildings and structures, such as machinery and equipment, furniture, etc. which are our field as well. Moreover, we also provide the services of valuation of numerous outstanding projects, leasehold, brand, copyright, patent and market feasibility study, etc.

The services rendered regarding valuation for credit facilities, application for listing in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), sale or purchase, insurance and accounting are concluded in standard and reliable reports which are well accepted by our customers. We can be at service of our customers in all activities in relation to property value.

Presently, we have various groups of customer and users of our services, including leading financial institutions both local and foreign firms having branches in Thailand, for whom we have worked continuously. There are quite a number of businesses, such as real estate development projects, industrial factories, insurance companies, private firms, private equity fund, government bureau and individuals who have assigned us the jobs for valuation, market feasibility study on land and other immoveable properties.
9th Floor, L.P.N. Tower, 216/26 Nang Linchee Rd.,
Chongnonsee,Yannawa, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Tel : 66(0) 2285-4508 (Auto) Fax : 66(0) 2285-2408, 66(0) 2285-2411
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